DVD Pick of the Week: Che

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DVD Pick of the Week: Che

Wednesday January 20, 2010


Steven Soderbergh's obsessively detailed two-part biopic about the Argentine revolutionary is boldly ambitious, with a bravura performance by Benicio del Toro at its center. By focusing on two specific periods of Guevara's life, Soderbergh Che manages to avoid all of the biopic's cliched pitfalls and instead offers an epic combat adventure that is also a deconstruction of genre expectations, a study of guerrilla warfare, and a vivid portrait of a larger-than-life personality.

Supervised and approved by director Steven Soderbergh, the Criterion Collection release of the film -- available in DVD and Blu-Ray -- offers a bevy of special features, including the documentary Making "Che", interviews with participants in and historians of the Cuban Revolution and Che's Bolivian campaign, deleted scenes and more.

About.com recommendation of Che, a Steven Soderbergh biopic about Che Guevara.