Mumia tee shirts are now for sale at the Wooden Shoe, Anarchist bookstore, at 704 South St.  Check out or call 215 413 0999.

There is a limited quantity!  Get them now to support ICFFMAJ, the Wooden Shoe, and be VISIBLE in support of Mumia's LIFE!  


Last April 24 we made teeshirts publicizing Mumia's most recent book, Jailhouse Lawyer's. The idea was to sell those shirts and use the profit as seed money to then make shirts for the MOVE 9. We would continue using the seed money to make more shirts and donating anything earned after towards organizing for Mumia and the MOVE 9. Tee shirts are important-- they're visible, a conversation starter. Lauryn Hill wore a “Welcome to Philly” tee shirt that generated a lot of interest in the MOVE 9. People have talked about coming across “Free Mumia” tee shirts in Kuwait, Chiapas, and beyond. They become a living, walking, artistic form of resistance and history. In a movement with limited resources, but boundless energy, we want to make use of everything at our disposal.

So far we've sold $300 worth of teeshirts. We need to sell another $300 to afford a printing of the MOVE 9 shirts. Also, we need a design. So, here's the thing: We have beautiful, amazing, TALENTED artists in the movement the world over. We need you to design something that somehow communicates the battle for parole for the MOVE 9. It doesn't have to be wordy-- it's often better if the viewer is left curious but with resources at their disposal, like listing the website

As we receive submissions we'll post them on the website of Phil Africa's art work, managed by the dedicated Dave Johnson, at Folks can look at the site and comment on what designs they'd like to see printed as a teeshirt. Also, if submitters are comfortable with this, the art could be used for future poster and flyer designs.

We have a global network. This is a great way to get involved if you're not geographically close to Philly and want to help the movement. It is so meaningful to get submissions from the Czech Republic, Mongolia, Morocco, Brazil and beyond. This is another way for us to build solidarity and connection.

If you aren't an artist but can donate monetarily, please do! It will help us get the shirts printed faster, and hopefully (fingers crossed!) by the 25th anniversary of the MOVE bombing: May 13th, 2010. If you want to purchase a Jailhouse Lawyer's teeshirt please email

All art submissions should be emailed to by April 24, 2010. Thanks for your commitment and work.