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Deadline: August 31, 2013


RIDE 3 will be published in print, as well as Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, and whatever other format seems like a good idea.

The only requirement is that a bicycle or bicycle subculture must feature prominently in the story.

Any genre, any gender, any length up to about 12,000 words, any setting, any time period, any kind of cycling. The more diversity—of locations, cycling cultures, story genres—the better. Don’t look at the previous two books for an idea of what I’m looking for; all I’m interested in is the best eight or ten stories or poems I can find, regardless of genre or style—and there are plenty of genres nobody’s sent me yet.

LENGTH: While I will consider anything up to around 12,000 words, it’s easier to take a chance on shorter work—so if you haven’t published much, your odds are probably better with flash fiction than with a multilayered epic.

EDITINGL If I don’t think it can be improved, I won’t give you any notes. If I do, I will.

PAYMENT: $75 above 4,000 words; $50 for 2,000-3,999 words; $20 for 1-1,999 words.

PUBLICITY: Please be up for minor publicity stuff, which shouldn’t involve more work than suggesting places where I can send review copies and participating in the recent “Three Questions” series at this blog.

DETAILS: Previously published is OK; previously unpublished is OK-plus. World rights must be available. If it’s at your blog, I’ll ask you to take all but a few teaser paragraphs down when the book goes on sale. Fiction and poetry only; no essays, no travelogues. Submit in Word or RTF, using standard manuscript formatting (Courier 12-point, double-spaced, 1″ margins all around).

Questions and submissions: noteon | at | mac | dot | com

August 31, 2013