The London-based nine-piece band are a hot melting pot of identities with backgrounds that span the world map: Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Ghana, Congo, Spain and the UK. Wara formed in 2009 and soon found that they were doing what no one else was: namely portraying what Latin Americans face when moving to UK, using the music to bend stereotypes, genres and combine stories. “We reinterpret what has already been done [in Cuban music] so it applies to young people living here in the UK in 2013,” says Latin powerhouse Eliane Correa, MD and keyboard player. The rest of the line-up includes Congolese-Argentinean lead vocalist Juanita Euka (niece of legendary Congolese musician Franco), London’s Josh Solnick aka Murmur (FUR) as multiple-personality lyricist. Add to this Nana Aldrin Quaye on backing vocals, George Cole on bass, Tauarean Antoine-Chagar on saxophone, Ernesto Marichales tight on percussion, Leandro ‘Lele’ Mancini on drums and Greg Sanders-Gallego on guitar, whose West African inspired riffs add another geographical twist to the Wara sound.


WARA EP by Wara